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I think it would be fantastic for Bo to turn out to have a poly relationship on the show. I think it’d be great and would raise a lot of awareness.

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There are different types of poly. But in truth, Bo will love Lauren or Dyson or…

I think after a certain point, after Lauren and Bo or Bo and whoever fully commit, Kenzi won’t be the ‘first love’. Yes she is an important person in Bo’s life, shes her best friend, her heart, but when it comes to a romantic relationship, in my honest opinion, you cannot put anyone else before your partner. If you do, the relationship will not last. Especially if Bo marries someone. The same also applies to Kenzi when she marries.

I just don’t agree with the whole “Kenzi comes first” when it applies to Bo finally being in a true, strong romantic relationship.

i ended up doing my persuasive speech outline on milk and how bad it is for you

dont you just love doing the research and realizing the opposite of your topic is true….

too late to change it, guess im gonna pull a politician and LIE 

FROM TOP - Pink Suit Part 2

my old boss called an offered me a job for 9 days (right before my vacation/fall semester) with a 4 dollar raise from what i was previously paid beforeeee. 

y’all thats like 800 in less than two weeks



AS: I think that speaking from the perspective as Bo, Emily brought so many great elements to the show. Michael is just picking up where Emily left off. What he has done specifically with Bo that I really love is we have a much more clear-headed Bo this season. She is on a mission and knows how to get what she wants. She is a lot less discombobulated–That’s a terrible word. (laughs) I can’t think of another word – by the Fae world around her.

She is just more clear-headed, more intelligent, stronger, because that’s where the story has now come. So that is where Michael is taking her. I think where we left off last season, so much happened last season to Bo in the Fae world she was feeling out of her element and out of control. Michael has picked that story up and really gone far with that in terms of Bo’s capabilities this season.

Anna Silk. (X)

Everybody’s freaking out with the necklace comment, but I’d rather highlight this one because it gives me hope to see the Bo I fell in love with from previous seasons.  


In. Out.

In. Out.

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Instead of being ten different people, she actually has 10 different personalities? And Felix knows this and just goes a long with it.